Halima, a Journey Through Cyberspace...





A production of SARA Computing and Networking (SARA) and the Sunchild Foundation, 2001. Halima* travels through cyberspace. Cyberspace is a dream environment simulated with the help of high-tech scientific computers. This environment is the setting for a musical piece where dancer Sandra Leonora, in a suit attached with sensors to direct the virtual world with her movements, performs a choreography.
The audience experiences this mix of reality and virtual-reality, in 3D-effect through special glasses. *Halima is African for patience, peace and dream. The virtual dancer in duet with the "flesh and blood" dancer lead the audience through five different virtual worlds. The powerful Silicon Graphics computers of SARA generate the virtual environment in a fairy-tale like atmosphere. This results in an interaction between virtual and reality; a conversation between humans, graphics and music.



Statements about the CAVE

‘To our knowledge it is the first time a VR-production is made in combination with live dance and music. We have a world primeur!’
Matthijs Koornstra, Director of SARA

‘First giant step into entertainment.’
Johnny Kraaykamp jr, Actor

‘An extremely important project.’
Loek Hermans, Minister of Education

‘Nobody can leave the CAVE without being impressed by what is reached and the perspectives it offers.
Jo Ritsen, Minister of Education

‘Congratulations on behalf of the Municipality of Amsterdam’.
Jaap van der Aa, Alderman of the Municipality of Amsterdam

‘It was very interesting to view a virtual can of beer!’
Freddy Heineken, director and founder of Heineken Corporation

‘The Cave is a virtual world. Let’s hope that a considerable part of what is told today, will be reality in the future.’
Annemarie Jorritsma Lebbink, Minister of Traffic and Water